Margaret Bettinger

Margaret Bettinger has been volunteering three mornings a week in the American Lung Association of West Virginia's Charleston office for over seven years. She offered her services in 1998, when the Lung Association was in a time of need. Margaret had retired from Union Carbide, but wanted to continue working to keep up her skills, and her social life. Now eighty-two years young, Margaret brings peace and enthusiasm to the office.

Margaret is willing to help with any project in the office. Whatever it is that needs to be done, Margaret is always ready to pick up the ball and go with it. Her work ranges from answering the phone to entering names into our database. She really does it all!

Over the years, Margaret has contributed over 2,600 hours of volunteer time to the American Lung Association. Margaret is always a pleasure to have in the office. Her zest for life itself and her sense of humor keep the staff going. On the days when she can't come in, everyone in the office misses seeing her smiling face. Her pleasant voice and helpful manner create a calming atmosphere for visitors and staff alike.

To thank Margaret for all she has done for them, the American Lung Association of West Virginia nominated her for the Emily Bissell Volunteer Awards. This month, Margaret was honored with the Award by the American Lung Association of the Mid-Atlantic. Here are her comments on receiving the award:

"Thanks to everyone who helped elect me as recipient of the Bissell Volunteer Award…. This "place" keeps me alive! When I retired from Union Carbide, I worked part-time several places, then my daughter and her son came to live with me. I was looking for a volunteer job and was lucky enough to find this one with so many nice people who treat me so well. I'm not a "stay-at-home" person and have worked so many years that working is where I'm most comfortable."

The American Lung Association of West Virginia is delighted to have Margaret as part of the Lung Association family