Lucy B. Johnson, RRT

Lucy Johnson is a Registered Respiratory Therapist and works at Christus Schumpert Hospital in Shreveport, Louisiana. This year, she served as Team Captain of the Christus Schumpert Hospital team for the 2006 Asthma Walk in Shreveport. The hospital is one of the American Lung Association of Louisiana's biggest supporters, but in recent years, the employees seem to have been losing interest in the walk. Lucy set out to renew employee enthusiasm for the walk, and to raise money and awareness for asthma in the process.

With her unbridled enthusiasm, creativity, and hard work, Lucy motivated and mobilized the employees of this very large hospital. She developed competitions and incentives; met with hospital officials, and employees, and went so far as to recruit team members from competing hospitals. Lucy's tireless efforts really paid off. Under her leadership as Team Captain, the 2006 Christus Schumpert Hospital team fundraising increased  by 72% compared with the 2005 walk.

The Shreveport walk is five hours from the main American Lung Association office in Louisiana, and Lucy was invaluable to the implementation of the walk at the local level. In addition to her work in support of the Asthma Walk, Lucy also assists our Program Director and Shreveport board members with local programs.

Lucy is a treasure. She has already begun planning for the Christus Schumpert Hospital team for next year's walk. She also developed a Team Captain manual specific to her organization. She plans to remain Team Captain next year while training a successor. She will nurture this succession annually in order to get more employees personally involved and invested.