Louis Cohen

For many years Louis D. Cohen and his lovely wife, Natalie, volunteered for the American Lung Association. Natalie was a spokesperon at different scheduled activities talking about emphysema and lung cancer. She passed away two years ago but Louis has remained faithful to his weekly volunteer schedule since her death.

Often Lou can be contacted on short notice for an unexpected volunteer project, and he always comes through. Lou is friendly to all the staff and especially nice to each volunteer as they begin the project and complete it. He helps with the bulk mail labeling and getting it ready for the post office delivery. Lou enjoys getting our annual Lung Card ready for purchase and delivery during the busy holiday schedule. Lou also assists with the "goody" bags for our annual Asthma Walk with no complaints.

Lou always goes the second mile with each project or task he is involved with. He does not leave until the project is completed. He is faithful, organized, friendly, fun-loving, intelligent, and humorous.

The American Lung Association of Florida needs Lou but also believe that he looks forward to helping and in turn knows he is helping others with their lung conditions. The volunteer coordinator says, "I personally would be lost without his assistance and dedication as a volunteer." Lou Cohen can be seen as a big part of the family at the American Lung Association of Florida, Southeast area.