Lori Clanton

Lori Clanton joined the Lung Council as a board member in the spring of 2009. She has since been a valuable asset to accomplishing the mission of the American Lung Association. Prior to moving, Lori worked in Chicago, Illinois for OSI pharmaceuticals as Senior Oncology Sales Representative. OSI focuses on developing and providing medicines geared to fight cancer, obesity and diabetes. She has become very well versed on many aspects of dealing with the following cancers specifically: pancreatic and lung. Lori started two lung cancer support groups as well as a pancreatic support group. She attended each meeting, noting that the group grew to be like a close-knit family. This resulted in a great support system. The pancreatic support group grew to be the largest in the country and at times, there were as many as 30 plus folks including caregivers.

Lori moved to Orlando on the wings of that success and was determined to build another similar support system. Mike Pesi, a past Lung Cancer Leadership Council member and fellow OSI employee referred her to the ALA, mentioning our interest in forming a lung cancer support group.  When she heard about the Lung Cancer Leadership Council, she became immediately interested, knowing that their interests were in line with her own.

The idea for this group originated from Gayle Bowman, the first president of the lung cancer leadership council in 2006. At that time, Bowman herself was a lung cancer survivor and has since passed on as of June 2008. Gayle, along with current Lung Cancer Leadership Council president, John Palmer have wanted to start a lung cancer support group since day one. Lori Clanton was just the person to spearhead this initiative. Within the first year of serving as LCLC board member, Lori worked with ALA staff to get a grant from OSI pharmaceuticals to cover the costs of materials, facilitators, speakers and food for the group. The support group has grown from 0 members in October 2009, to 7 members and a permanent facilitator as of April 2010. Lori has also been very generous with the numerous contacts she has around the Central Florida community, inviting them to speak at events and be guest speakers at the support group. Lori has also worked with her husband, David Clanton, to secure a $10,000 grant from Genentech in support of ALA's Better Breathers Clubs (COPD support group).

Lori is action-oriented and uses her natural skills to funnel resources towards promoting the mission of ALA. She is kind, compassion and intelligent. We are very fortunate to have such a charitable champion for lung cancer.