Linda Holmstrand


Linda Holmstrand is a volunteer with the American Lung Association of the Mid-Atlantic in West Virginia. West Virginia Northern Community College (WVNCC) decided to adopt a tobacco-free policy and requested to have information tables that would provide their students resources on tobacco cessation, second hand smoke, and information about the consequences of smoking. Since WVNCC has multiple campuses, reaching the entire student population was a challenge.

However, Linda graciously volunteered on five occasions to oversee information tables by scheduling dates with the college, setting up the table, and distributing information. She once even traveled to WVNCC’s New Martinsville campus (a two hour round-trip) to make sure that the students there would have the opportunity to receive the information. Her work to inform the students of WVNCC of tobacco’s harm was greatly appreciated by the staff at WVNCC and the students.

Linda is a great community health advocate and educator, who brings energy and creativity to the tobacco prevention field. West Virginia has some of the highest rates of tobacco use in the country. Linda knows informing the students of WVNCC about the dangers of tobacco use was very important. She never thought twice about volunteering to help the American Lung Association spread its message.