Leslie Fuller

Leslie Fuller is the Board Chair for the American Lung Association serving the Upstate of South Carolina. In this role, Leslie presides over monthly board meetings, serves as the Chair for the Upstate Oxygen Ball, and serves as a face and voice for the local office in terms of media and public relations opportunities. As a board member – not just as board chair – Leslie is motivated and goal-oriented volunteer. She has a mission, a purpose, and most importantly, she has a vision. She knows what she wants to accomplish as a board member and as board chair and she puts her actions where her mouth is. Leslie says and she does. She is 100% committed!

Leslie always thinks about the "big picture." She is focused on more than just today; she is focused on tomorrow and beyond. She is able to see the local office for more than what it currently is and does, but also what it can and should be in the future. For example, Leslie is always looking for ways to create a more inclusive board of directors. As the upstate South Carolina board looks to expand, and Leslie has made it a priority to increase the diversity of the board.

Last November, the American Lung Association serving the Upstate of South Carolina hosted the 2012 Upstate Oxygen Ball, "Upstate Dancing with the Stars." Thanks to Leslie's leadership and involvement in every aspect of the event, the American Lung Association was able to not only reach its fundraising goal, but to actually exceed it by $10,000! As if that were not enough, the ball raised doubled what was raised the previous year. Leslie was an integral part of making this possible. Whether selecting celebrity dancers, recruiting sponsors, soliciting for auction items, or coming up with new ways to raise funds, Leslie was involved. Leslie is a major reason that the American Lung Association serving the Upstate of South Carolina is thriving in a difficult economy.