Lee Ann Baggott, Ph.D.

Dr. Lee Ann Baggott has been a member of the American Lung Association of Maine Board since 1993, has served on our Executive Committee since 1995 and was president in fiscal years 2000 and 2001. Since her Augusta arrival in the early 1990s, she has been an unselfish and talented volunteer for our organization. She has served as the key faculty member for our 12-year old Asthma Educator Institute and trained hundreds of nurses and respiratory therapists. Her proximity to the State House has given her the opportunity to provide expert testimony on dozens of bills over the years. She has delivered our testimony: creating smoke free restaurants, keeping our tobacco settlement funds for health promotion and disease prevention, supporting outdoor and indoor air quality and health care reform measures.

Her political activity is not limited to the legislative arena. She pushed the state Medicaid Program to make the key asthma medications available on their formulary. She also served on the American Lung Association Advocacy Task Force. Dr. Baggott served as the president of the Maine Thoracic Society for 4 years. She also took a leadership role in the Asthma Clinical Research Center program. Maine was the first state to fund a Center that was not in its territory. Her advocacy provided $100,000 in support for the Vermont based Center. She also became the clinical coordinator for our state, recruited and trained other physicians in Maine to participate in the first protocol.

Dr. Baggott has now taken on COPD. In her part-time Masters Program at Harvard School of Public Health, she incorporated improving the COPD care system into her studies. She put her ideas into practice by working collaboratively with physicians in rural Maine. This pilot project is now going to serve as a building block for an expanded model of care for COPD in Maine. Dr. Baggott has recently been elected to the American Lung Association national board and has approached this honor with the same energy that she does everything else in her life. She is an active participant on the Balanced Scorecard Work Group as part of our Organizational Effectiveness Initiative. Dr. Baggott is not only an outstanding volunteer but an exemplary board member. Her support for our mission and our organization is evident each day by her contribution of time, talent and financial support. She does this while raising a family and seeing pulmonary patients. It is an honor to be able to nominate Lee Ann Baggott, MD for the Volunteer Excellence Award.