Lauren Leetun

Lauren Leetun, a Senior Account Executive at Massey Communications, serves as the Chair-Elect for the Central Area Advisory Board of the American Lung Association in the Southeast and will move into the role of Board Chair for the coming fiscal year.

Lauren first became involved with the Lung Cancer Leadership Council, a group focused primarily on lung cancer efforts in Central Florida. Her guidance helped build what is now the Fight for Air Climb, the Central Area’s largest fundraiser. Lauren’s creativity and dedication to the mission have helped grow the Fight for Air Climb into the largest fundraiser for the Central Florida office.

Lauren’s involvement as board chair with the Lung Cancer Leadership Council helped to bring a variety of opportunities to volunteers. Whether it is recruiting teams for the climb, reaching out to the community to learn how to implement a lung cancer support group, or becoming involved with the board, Lauren is always welcoming to new volunteers and creatively getting them involved. She has also helped to innovate and build the local board leadership program.

Lauren has also offered input in controlling expenses, recruiting for fundraising events and boards, generating revenue through the Central Area’s Climb and Run/Walk initiatives, and raising awareness through media and communications campaigns.

Lauren commented when asked about her passion for the work of the association, “One of the reasons I became involved with the American Lung Association was because of my uncle’s battle with lung cancer. Just watching someone fight and eventually die from it is incredibly hard. It definitely makes you realize that not enough is being done around lung cancer.”

Lauren’s continued involvement goes beyond her personal experiences. “I stay involved because this is one of the best run organizations in Central Florida. It feels fantastic to be a part of something that improves year after year and just continues to get better.”

She is an avid University of Florida Gator fan and recently welcomed a new addition to the Leetun family, Charles "Charlie" Robert Leetun, born February 14th. Congratulations to Robert and Lauren on their new “Valentines Baby” and new little Lung Association volunteer!