Kimberly Goodwin

Kimberly Goodwin has been a committed activist, spokesperson, and volunteer with the American Lung Associaiton of West Virginia for seven years. Now, she is using her position as Miss West Virginia to draw more attention to the work of the Lung Association. Kimberly has witnessed the harmful effects of tobacco first-hand:

"Imagine a fifteen year old boy lighting up his first cigarette. Now imagine that same boy sixty years later as he struggles to catch his breath, fighting back tears after finding out he is dying of lung cancer. That fifteen-year-old boy was my grandfather, an amazing man that I watched take his last breath because of a choice he made as a teenager, believing that addiction was not a real problem. Watching my grandfather suffer from lung cancer changed my outlook on life forever. It became the driving force in my determination to make a difference."

Drawing her inspiration from a life changing experience, Kimberly is using her crown as a megaphone to spread the message that tobacco is a powerful addiction. As a facilitator for N-O-T: Not On Tobacco and Teens Against Tobacco Use, Kimberly is qualified to educate school children about the dangers and consequences of tobacco use. One of her goals is to expand Teens Against Tobacco Use until it reaches every high school in West Virginia. This school year, Kimberly is traveling across the Mountain State presenting American Lung Association anti-tobacco and smoking cessation programs. During her reign, Kimberly expects to travel 50,000 miles and visit more than 150 schools; she has already visited fifteen. Kimberly is using her year of service as Miss West Virginia 2005 to raise awareness and to decrease West Virginia's alarmingly high rate of tobacco use.

Kimberly is also a committed fundraiser for the Lung Association. She considers her efforts to help raise over $10,000 for the American Lung Association of West Virginia's inaugural Walk for Life & Breath in Morgantown as one of her greatest accomplishments.

As part of her effort to keep youth from starting to smoke, Kimberly has authored a series of children's books that teach children how to say no to peer pressure and is currently collaborating with the D.A.R.E. program to implement a tobacco prevention message for elementary age children. Kimberly's community service and enthusiasm distinguished her as a finalist for West Virginia's "Woman of the Year Volunteer Award." She was also honored by being selected to appear on CNN, where she debated world issues with other college coeds on a discussion panel.

Kimberly's passion, concern, and commitment set a shining example for all.