Ken Glanding

Ken Glanding, of Delaware Importers, has been a driving force in helping the Delaware office expand their "Breathe for Life Golf  Tournament" from a small and informal gathering, to a well-attended, upscale tournament in just three years. His commitment to improving the quality of the tournament and making it an event that informs participants about the American Lung Association and its mission has been instrumental in the event success.

In early committee meetings Ken impressed upon everyone that the goal was to not only raise money for the American Lung Association, but to ensure that everyone attending is aware of our mission. Ken understands and constantly promotes the importance of the work done at the American Lung Association. He aims to ensure that people attending the golf tournament understand what the money is used for and why it is important to give generously. He set the bar for other committee members by signing on as a Gold Sponsor, donating the liquor, auction and gift bag items, as well as producing all of the signage and recruiting teams.

Ken suggested using the golf event venue, Delaware Park Race Track, to help create additional "out of the box" opportunities for generating revenue. Through  the mythical horse race competition, for a $20 buy-in, golfers could compete for a portion of a collected pot of money, thus creating extra excitement throughout the day.

Ken's commitment to the American Lung Association and great confidence in this special event has helped to generate a doubled revenue in just three years. Ken and Delaware Importers have continued to support at a level which greatly exceeds that of the typical sponsor. Ken has encouraged our committee to make certain that communication about the tournament, tee signs, and all personal contacts convey the mission of the organization and the critical nature of the work done at the American Lung Association.

Ken's generosity and continued support set a great example for those around him.  Ken's philosophy has always been "what more can I do to help you?" As a liquor distributor representing companies looking for product exposure, the Delaware Office is eternally grateful to Ken and Delaware Importers for their commitment to "hanging in" with them as they all worked diligently to grow this event. Ken could easily move his support to many other events in the community that bring greater exposure and recognition, but for the past three years he has chosen to  stay with the "Breathe for Life Golf Tournament"  because of his  commitment to the ALA and the work we do. He is truly an exemplary volunteer in every sense of the word.