Karen Gregory

Karen Gregory's passion for healthy lungs makes her a stand-out volunteer for the American Lung Association. She has demonstrated her commitment to fighting lung disease throughout her nursing career, her work as a "Breathe Well, Live Well" program facilitator, her fundraising efforts and her petitions to Capitol Hill on behalf of lung health. Showing constant enthusiasm and a willingness to help, Ms. Gregory almost daily raises awareness about the significance of lung health throughout the Oklahoma City area.

Ms. Gregory is an Acute Care Clinical Nurse Specialist for the Oklahoma Asthma and Allergy Clinic. She is a Registered Respiratory Therapist and Certified Asthma Educator, and she collaborates with the Asthma Educator Institute. She encourages school nurses to take part in the Open Airways Program and pushes others in her field to become certified asthma instructors with the American Lung Association.

Ms. Gregory views her advocacy and volunteering as her contribution to the community. When participation in "Breathe Well, Live Well" programs was low, she decided to conduct the program in her home and invited members of her church to learn about asthma in a relaxing and inviting atmosphere. This giving attitude is a constant for Ms. Gregory, and residents of her community benefit greatly. She works hard to find new ways to educate others about lung health and to create awareness of lung disease.

The American Lung Association recognizes the importance of Ms. Gregory's support and advocacy. Her commitment to fighting lung disease and educating her community is invaluable, and the American Lung Association is very privileged to name Karen Gregory the Volunteer of the Week.