Julia Chang

Julia Chang has been a counselor at Camp Wheez, the American Lung Association of California's asthma day camp, for two years, serving as a lead counselor for her group in both those years. Julia knows the important role she plays in the campers' lives -- prior to becoming a counselor, Julia attended Camp Wheez as a camper for four years.

Because she understands the issues the campers are struggling with, Julia is a perfect role model for the children at the camp. She helps them learn to better manage their asthma by teaching them to use their medications properly, how to avoid triggers, and what to do when they start experiencing asthma symptoms. Julia demonstrates the asthma treatment tools and devices in such a way that the children want to model her behavior. Julia takes the time to make sure that all her campers understand the information presented during Lung Class and Lung Lab at camp. By promoting better asthma management, Julia helps these children to stay out of the emergency room and in the classroom learning.

Julia has also served as a mentor to fellow counselors. She has graciously accepted the role of giving a "what it was like to be a camper" presentation during the counselor orientation session for Camp Wheez. This helps set the stage for the other counselors.

In addition to her work with the Lung Association, Julia also volunteers at a local labor and delivery ward, assisting with delivery, clerical work, and patient comfort. Recently, Julia was runner up for the Goleta Teen of the Year award, an annual scholarship award given based on community service. Julia designated the American Lung Association as her favorite charity, and the local office will be receiving a $100 donation from the Goleta Noontime Rotary as a result.