Jonathan Emlet

Jonathan walked into our office about 6 months ago with an idea for Steps for Stanley.

An avid hiker since he was a kid, Jonathan always had aspirations to hike the more than 2,000 miles of the Appalachian Trail. But, he wanted it to be more than just a selfish act of taking 6 months off from life to hike the trail. Jonathan's dad was diagnosed with emphysema back in 1981 and is almost entirely housebound.  He decided to use the hike to raise awareness of emphysema and funds for research. The trail goes through many states and hikers meet lots of people along the way. From this, Steps for Stanley was born!

We decided the easiest way to do this was to set up a website similar to the Asthma Walk site so people could pledge money to Jonathan. Jonathan also printed t-shirts at his own expense to help raise funds. Over the past month he has served as a great spokesperson for the American Lung Association, appearing on local television newscasts, in several local newspapers and on the radio.

It was important to Jonathan to leave something permanent behind at the American Lung Association. He wanted the ability to raise money beyond the hike and conduct periodic fundraisers and awareness campaigns. At Jonathan's send off party we surprised him with a permanent accounting code for Steps for Stanley.

Through all of the months Jonathan has worked with the Lung Association on Steps for Stanley he never mentioned that he himself has asthma and will carry two inhalers on the trail with him. His mother Phyllis said that he didn't want anything to detract from Steps for Stanley. With any luck though, Jonathan will be back from the hike in time for the Harrisburg Asthma Walk on October 16!

To see Jonathan's fundraising home page, and perhaps make a small donation in honor of Steps for Stanley, Click here!