John JayCee Falcon


John "JayCee" Falcon is a remarkable volunteer for the American Lung Association. His passionate and consistent fundraising skill has endowed the work of the Association, not only with impressive financial contributions, but relationships that connect Abbeville, Louisiana and the surrounding area with access to a healthier community.

Three years ago, Falcon created an American Lung Association fundraiser called the Jeep Jaunt. His inspiration was the unfortunate and premature death of his mother to Asthma. Asthma is a regrettable and chronic condition, which takes thousands of American lives every year. In its first two years, the Jeep Jaunt has earned $80,000 and garnered the support of many younger donors and local businesses, including the 99.9 KTDY radio station where Falcon is a popular deejay.

Falcon used his celebrity status to enter the Dancing with the Acadiana Stars competition through the KATC-TV 3 Laffayette station. Each Dancing team supported a charity, and Falcon's, of course, was the American Lung Association. The American Lung Association of the MidSouth, Louisiana, reported the great, free local outreach Falcon's participation solicited for Association's programs, such as those that assist adults, teens, and children in managing their Asthma.

Thomas Lotz, CEO of the American Lung Association of the MidSouth said of Falcon, “His personality is pure delight and this enables him to successfully blend fun and mission.” The American Lung Association could not agree more, which is why the Association is happy to honor John “JayCee” Falcon as our Volunteer of the Week.