Jim Erdenberger

Volunteer Jim Erdenberger, RRT, delivers Asthma 1-2-3 in-services to school personnel, coaches, members of the faith community and other community organizations serving children in Mansfield, Ohio, Richland County, and surrounding counties in Ohio. He has successfully implemented this program in all but one school district in Richland County. Thanks to Jim’s work, school professionals and community members know how to recognize the warning signs of asthma in children.

Jim has seized every opportunity to promote the Asthma 1-2-3 program. He talks to his children’s teachers during parent-teacher conferences, his children’s coaches at athletic events, and even his children’s band director. When a teenage girl from a neighboring county died of an asthma attack, he made copies of the newspaper article and sent it along with a letter to school administrators alerting them to the seriousness of asthma. He offered to conduct an Asthma 1-2-3 in-service at their schools.

Because of Jim’s work, the American Lung Association in Ohio has far exceeded its PBMS target of number of school districts adopting asthma-friendly schools strategies. Since 2009, Jim and his co-workers have implemented the program to approximately 1,200 school personnel and community members who work with children.

His passion about asthma education is contagious, resulting in several of his co-workers being trained in the Asthma 1-2-3 program. He is a graduate of the association’s Asthma Educator Institute. He has taken it upon himself to educate school nurses through the health department and his co-workers at MedCentral Health System in Mansfield, Ohio.

Jim has called local legislators about increasing funding for asthma initiatives in Ohio. Recently he wrote a grant proposal to a local foundation to receive funding for additional asthma education materials for school nurses.