Jim Anderson

As an exceptionally active board member since 1989, Jim has served in all of ALAC's key leadership roles including President, VP of Finance/Treasurer, Chair of ALAC's Development Committee, Human Resources Committee and Chair of the ALAC Research Investment Fund. Jim has participated in every conceivable aspect of revenue generation, expense recovery, employee hiring, tracking and maximizing existing resources. His financial expertise and passion for the mission of the ALAC and the ALA is unequaled. These same skills have been recognized and requested at the regional and nation level. Jim assisted with the fiscal aspects of WESCO's partnerships and merger and he is serving his third year on the ALA Budget and Finance committee. He is also serving his second year on the ALA National Board of Directors as Treasurer.

It is Jim's vision and personal commitment that has resulted in a 125% growth for the ALAC resulting in our association's 1998 ranking as third in the national family for net available assets. As ALAC's President and subsequent Chair of the ALAC Research Investment Fund Jim proposed, prodded and helped secure $300,000 above the 1 million dollar goal that ALAC had set for local research.

Since ALAC's Investment Policy has been written and utilized with much success, the document has been requested by and shared with ALA's across the nation and adopted in partial practice by the national office.

Lee Ann Purvis, Executive Director of the American Lung Association of Colorado calls Jim a "tireless professional who has contributed thousands of volunteer hours and personal finances to support a cause that he believes in." She continues, "It is only fitting that we pause, take a deep breath and let him know how much we appreciate his personal and professional contributions."