Jane Kramer

As a pharmacist for Kaiser Wells Pharmacy & Home Care, Jane Kramer sees the plight of asthmatics on a daily basis. She understands the importance of asthma education and research and, through her participation in the Asthma Walk, she helps provide much needed funds to reach our program goals in Ohio and nationwide. Jane is an outstanding fundraiser for the Asthma Walk because she believes in the American Lung Association's goal of helping to improve the lives of those suffering with asthma.

Jane has come up with unique and effective ways of raisings funds for her Asthma Walk Team. Jane holds an annual silent auction to benefit the Asthma Walk. She usually makes a quilt by hand as one of the items for sale at the auction. Jane is always willing to accept new walkers on the Kaiser Wells Team as well as donations from community businesses for her silent auction.

To raise money for the 2006 Walk, Jane is already paving new ground. She collected approximately 300 recipes from local North-Central Ohio residents and put together the Asthma Walk Cook Book. Jane paid for the cookbook's printing by selling 19 advertising spaces over the past two months. All proceeds from the sale of the book will go to the American Lung Association of Ohio to help support its asthma programs. The Asthma Walk Cook Book is on sale now (in time for holiday giving) and will be available by November 1, 2005. To pre-order, click here. Jane hopes the sales of this cookbook will generate $2000-$4000 in additional income for the Kaiser Wells Asthma Walk Team. To add to the money raised from sales of the cookbook, Jane will still hold her famous silent auction in the spring.

Led by Jane, the Kaiser Wells team has raised over $8000 in its 3 year history. These much needed funds are used to support the American Lung Association of Ohio's asthma programs such as Open Airways for Schools, Camp SUPERKIDS and ACRC. In addition to her fundraising, Jane advocates the work of the American Lung Association on a daily basis at the pharmacy.