Jane Kraft

Jane Kraft is a retired school nurse who has spent her entire career supporting the goals of the American Lung Association by educating parents, students, and teachers about asthma and the dangers of tobacco and second hand smoke. Jane is a true child's advocate. When she was working in the school system, Jane would use whatever opportunities she could find to invite American Lung Association employees to educate children on asthma and tobacco prevention.

Jane is a true leader in the local tobacco control movement. Her leadership skills have been demonstrated repeatedly through her active role in the Hardin County Tobacco Prevention Coalition. She has volunteered her time at various numerous to promote awareness of the importance of clean indoor air and tobacco prevention and control. She also devoted hours to collecting signatures in support of the Smoke Free Ohio initiative.

There is no doubt that Jane would like to see tobacco be eliminated in our environment. She sees first hand how tobacco can effect children's lives and the lives of their families. Jane is very passionate about convincing the Hardin County schools to adopt tobacco free campuses, including football stadiums. She recently spoke at a county-wide meeting on the importance of providing tobacco free campuses to students.

Although Jane is retiring from her position as a school nurse, she plans to continue volunteering with the American Lung Association and playing an active part in promoting a safe and healthy environment for all.