Jack Hewitt

Jack Hewitt knows and believes in the value of intensive smoking cessation counseling -- the value of Freedom From Smoking®. As a Recovery Service Coordinator with the Marion Correctional Institution, in Marion, Ohio, he has long recognized the need to help residents and staff in the fight against tobacco addiction. For years he had combined bits and pieces of different programs to serve the needs of those trying to break their nicotine addiction.

In August of 2005, knowing the time was fast approaching when tobacco use would no longer be permitted within the correctional facility walls, Jack contacted his local American Lung Association office in Northwestern Ohio to find more resources. Within two months, he had taken the Freedom From Smoking® training and become a full-fledged facilitator. After the American Lung Association staff facilitator finished the first class of 40 residents and 18 staff, Jack went full steam ahead. Over the next ten months, Jack held consecutive classes with no more than 15 participants and had finished the program with over 60 participants by the beginning of June 2006.

Following the personality of his current group, Jack has learned how to offer appropriate additional resources to suit their needs, continuing contact with his local American Lung Association office for support. The local office has also learned a few things from him creating a wonderful win-win volunteer relationship.

Jack is passionate about what is beneficial for "his guys." He knows being able to help them help themselves control their nicotine addiction is much larger step than it appears to be. He knows the Freedom From Smoking® program is something they value and appreciate when he reads their letters of support for the program. He offers them the opportunity to submit one at the celebration class of each session.

Does Jack help them be successful in the fight against their nicotine addiction? With a 30-day post program quit rate of approximately 25%, we think so!!

Thank you, Jack, for being a volunteer facilitator with the Freedom From Smoking® Program.