Past Volunteers of the Week

Jim Gooden Jim Gooden
Jim Gooden started his relationship with the American Lung Association of South Carolina when he was a news director at a local radio station. » More
Kimberly Goodwin Kimberly Goodwin
Kimberly Goodwin has been a committed activist, spokesperson, and volunteer with the American Lung Associaiton of West Virginia for seven years. » More
801 Grand Power Planning Committee 801 Grand Power Planning Committee
The committee members of the 801 Grand Power Planning Committee demonstrate to all American Lung Associations exactly what the efforts of dedicated volunteers working in concert can achieve! » More
Robert Green Robert Green
If there were ever a volunteer who exemplified leadership, character, and dedication to the American Lung Association it is Robert A. Green, M.D. » More
Rick Gregg Rick Gregg
Rick Gregg’s volunteer work is a major contribution to supporting the goals of the American Lung Association’s strategic plan. He is a strong advocate for Idle Free Massachusetts, a campaign against running the engine of a vehicle while it is not going anywhere. » More
Karen Gregory Karen Gregory
Karen Gregory's passion for healthy lungs makes her a stand-out volunteer for the American Lung Association. » More
Susan Griffin Susan Griffin
Susan Griffin is a commercial real estate guru who puts her expertise to great use as a volunteer for the American Lung Association in California. Susan was a longtime volunteer for the Greater Bay Area... » More
Debra Gunari Debra Gurnari
Debra Gurnari is a Respiratory Therapy Department Manager at Kindred Healthcare in Wyoming Valley, PA and a volunteer of the American Lung Association of the Mid-Atlantic. » More
Gary Halfhill Gary Halfhill
Gary Halfhill is a Registered Respiratory Therapist and a Certified Asthma Educator (AE-C) at St. Rita's Medical Center in Lima, Ohio, and a volunteer for the American Lung Association of Ohio's asthma education programs. » More
Gary Halfhill Rod and Kathy Hall
Rod and Kathy Hall are beginning their 17th year as dedicated volunteers to the American Lung Association. » More
Doc Hall Doc Hall
Doc Hall has played a big role in advocacy, fundraising and promotion of the American Lung Association. He is extremely charismatic and a natural leader, serving as the board chair for Marion County. His generosity has also been a wonderful gift to the American Lung Association of Central Florida. » More
DJ Hammer DJ Hammer
Last school year, Adna High School (AHS) freshman DJ Hammer was discouraged by the drinking, smoking and drug use he saw among his classmates and peers. Armed with an equal mix of courage and determination, DJ took a stand against the destructive behavior within his school by organizing the first-ever AHS Prevention Club. DJ, along with several other students who wanted to make a difference, set out to educate AHS students and younger kids about the consequences of tobacco, drug and alcohol use. » More
Roger Hamre and Becky Logan Roger Hamre and Becky Logan
It is with great pleasure that we recognize Rebecca Logan and Roger Hamre, longtime volunteers with the American Lung Association of North Carolina. Becky has served with the Lung Association for over 15 years in a variety of roles, rising to her current position as Chair of the state Board. » More
Larry Hanneman Larry Hanneman
Larry Hanneman has done it all for this office of the American Lung Association of Ohio. An asthmatic with a passion for preventing youth tobacco use, he has served as President of the South Shore advisory board. » More
Pete Harper, M.D., M.P.H.
Dr. Pete Harper serves as our local asthma champion for primary care clinics throughout Minnesota. The clinic systems-change project that Dr. Harper leads is part of a large volunteer asthma collaborative in Minneapolis and St. Paul, Controlling Asthma in American Cities. » More
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