Past Volunteers of the Week

Margaret Bettinger Margaret Bettinger
Margaret Bettinger has been volunteering three mornings a week in the American Lung Association of West Virginia's Charleston office for over seven years. » More
Ray Billingsley Ray Billingsley
Ray Billingsley, an American Lung Association volunteer since 1999, is the creator of "Curtis", a pre-teen, African-American cartoon character, who appears in more than 250 newspapers worldwide. » More
Sherry Bjerke Sherry Bjerke
American Lung Association volunteer and school nurse Sherry Bjerke works directly on the first visionary lung health goal: ‘Tobacco-related lung disease will be eliminated in future generations.’ » More
D. Douglas Blanke D. Douglas Blanke
For the past twenty years Doug Blanke has been a strong voice in tobacco control and consumer rights. » More
Donald Bowsher Donald Bowsher
Donald Bowsher RN, MSN, FNP-BC, works at St. Mary's Regional Lung Center in the Lung Nodule Clinic in Huntington, WV. As a volunteer with the ALA in West Virginia, he is a Fight for Air Climb committee member and co-facilitator of a very well attended Better Breathers Club... » More
Anne Bracket
Anne Brackett is a prime example of what a volunteer can accomplish in a reasonably short amount of time. Ms. Brackett came to the American Lung Association in California in summer 2009... » More
David Brinckerhoff David Brinckerhoff
David Brinckerhoff is a Certified Financial Planner for Brinckerhoff Financial Group of Raymond James and Associates. In 2007, David signed up for the American Lung Association's... » More
Paul Brooks Paul Brooks
Paul Brooks started smoking when he was 8. He began with his grandfather's Havana cigars, and didn't stop smoking for 43 years. "I drove trucks for over 25 years, and all you have to do is smoke cigarettes, drink coffee and shift gears," he says. » More
Kenneth Brown Thumb Kenneth Brown
Kenneth Brown is a volunteer with the American Lung Association of the Mid-Atlantic in West Virginia, where he serves as a school counselor. As the school counselor, Ken is a vital member of the education team. » More
Rachel Brown headshot Rachel Brown
Rachel Brown is a high school senior and a volunteer with the American Lung Association of the Mid-Atlantic in West Virginia. » More
Bruce Bruckelmeyer Bruce Bruckelmeyer
Bruce Bruckelmeyer became involved with the American Lung Association of Illinois after his son Kyle attended the American Lung Association-sponsored camp for asthmatic children, Camp Superkids. » More
Bucyrus Community Hospital Bucyrus Community Hospital
Community Hospital partnered with the American Lung Association of Ohio in providing an asthma day camp free to area children. » More
Marc Buoniconti Marc Buoniconti
Marc Buoniconti has been a friend of the American Lung Association for many years. The son of Nick Buoniconti, famous linebacker for the Miami Dolphins, Marc has been a local celebrity in his own right. » More
Andrew Burke thumbnail Andrew Burke
Andy Burke is a long-serving volunteer with the American Lung Association. Currently, he serves on the Rochester, New York Leadership Board; the American Lung Association of the Northeast Board of Directors; the Nationwide Assembly; and the National Field Operations committee. » More
George Burnham George Burnham
George Burnham is a strong advocate for the American Lung Association mission and is a frequent participant in Fight For Air Climb events. George is just shy of turning 70 and has had asthma for 45 years... » More
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