Past Volunteers of the Week

North Central State College Respiratory Care Program Students North Central State College Respiratory Care Program Students
Slabodnick, Program Director at North Central State College (NCSC), Kate Peresie, Director of Clinical Education and the first year respiratory care students volunteered for two days at the American Lung Association of Ohio’s asthma day camp held at Camp Avery Hand in Mansfield, Ohio in July 2003. » More
Kathleen Nourlak thumb Kathleen Nourlak
Kathleen Nourlak has volunteered with the American Lung Association of California since 1987. During those two decades, she has implemented Lung Association asthma education programs such as Open Airways For Schools and Asthma 101 as well as participated in fundraising and advocacy efforts. » More
Deb Novotny, R.N. Deb Novotny, R.N.
Deb has been involved with the American Lung Association® of Ohio for approximately four years. Most recently she has served as our lead nurse at our asthma day camp in Mansfield, Ohio. » More
Volunteer Nurses thumb Volunteer Nurses
Volunteer Nurses serve in important volunteer roles with the American Lung Association at the local level. Here are six of the nurses who have served as Chair or President of local Lung Association Boards. » More
Don O'Neill thumb Don O'Neill
Would you climb a 14,410 ft. mountain if you were asked by a friend? What if it was their last wish? » More
OAR Northwest Thumb OAR Northwest
OAR Northwest is a Washington-based four-man rowing team. On June 10, 2006, they started a cross-Atlantic rowing race against three other boats. » More
Shannon Oates-Rivera thumb Shannon Oates-Rivera
Shannon Oates-Rivera is a senior manager at a large pharmaceutical company. Over the course of many years, she has dedicated herself to maintaining a strong and beneficial relationship between her company and the American Lung Association. » More
G.C. Okeson, M.D. thumb G.C. Okeson, M.D.
I began my years of association with the American Lung Association® of Texas about 15 years ago. Prior to that time, I was primarily associated with the Texas Thoracic Society. » More
Betty Olmstead Thumbnail Betty Olmstead
Mrs. Betty Olmstead has been involved with the American Lung Association in Delaware for several years. » More
Gail Orcutt Gail Orcutt
Gail Orcutt was diagnosed with lung cancer in May of 2010. Since then, she has become active with the Iowa Radon Coalition and has devoted herself to raising awareness about the dangers of radon. » More
Cassandra Ornelas Cassandra Ornelas
Cassandra Ornelas is a District Nurse in Santa Barbara who is constantly advocating for the system changes that are needed to improve asthma management among Santa Barbara schoolchildren. » More
Jeremy Osbern Jeremy Osbern
As a volunteer of the American Lung Association of Kansas, Jeremy Osbern has dedicated his time to exposing the devastation caused by tobacco use through a compelling 16-minute video presentation called Evaporated. » More
Wendy Overend Wendy Overend
I began my relationship with American Lung Association seven years ago. I happened to be at Bike To Work Day Santa Barbara 1997 when I won a free registration to a three-day Bike Trek for Life held in the Santa Ynez Valley near Santa Barbara. » More
Vicki Owen Vicki Owen
Vicki Owen is the school nurse at Amherst County High School in Amherst Virginia. This is a rural area with a rich heritage in tobacco farming. » More
Meghan Padden Thumb Meghan Padden
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