Imajean Hetherington

American Lung Association® Board member and American Lung Association® Council delegate-at-large, American Lung Association® of Idaho 

One of my clients, Dr. John M. McKain of Twin Falls, Idaho, was president of American Lung Association® of Idaho at the time Liz Miller was the executive director. At one of their board meetings, they decided that they needed a CPA on the board, so Dr. McKain mentioned my name. Liz called me, we met, and since I had so much respect for Dr. McKain, I could not turn her down. The rest is history. I immediately was recruited to get the accounting system set up using the Oaktree software. From then on, much time has been devoted to the American Lung Association®.

When Liz Miller left Idaho for New York, we hired a new executive director, who soon was diagnosed with cancer, and after going through chemotherapy had a bone marrow transplant was forced to retire due to disability. Idaho was already in a financial crisis, and it soon became clear to the board that we could not survive on our own. We began actively reviewing potential merger partners, which resulted in our merger with Nevada. With their strong leadership and encouragement, we are working to strengthen our presence in Idaho for promoting lung health.

Prior to merger with Nevada, I was elected to the American Lung Association® Council, served on the Audit/Finance and Field Services Committees, later was elected to the American Lung Association® Board and most recently have been elected as American Lung Association® Secretary. I never had aspired to attain these positions, but the work was so gratifying, that it was easy to continue on.

I would attribute my continued interest in furthering the cause to the many great people I have met. It is so different from the work I do in my "paying" job. In addition, I have been fortunate enough to have Don accompany me in traveling to the many meetings. He has always been made to feel welcome.

If we can make a difference in the quality of people's lives as a result of our work, it will have all been worthwhile. I am very proud to be a part of such an ambitious and prestigious organization. No one ever said it would be easy. Nothing worthwhile ever is.

My gratitude goes out to all who have placed their confidence in me.