Hugh W. Church

One evening in 1975 at a church social, here in Albuquerque, Walter Bralley, then a church member and a board member of the American Lung Association® of Arizona/New Mexico, and I were engaged in small talk. He had retired as a Colonel from the Air Force while I was a member of the technical staff at Sandia National Laboratories at Kirtland Air Force Base. My assignments there had connected to various projects of concern to the Department of Energy and the military often in areas of air quality. "Oh," he said. "The American Lung Association® could use some air quality volunteer help." I indicated that maybe I could help out some on occasion.

About a week later, Billie Dytzel, then on the staff of the American Lung Association® of Arizona/New Mexico office called and asked me to come on down for an interview with the Director. Shortly afterward, I received notice that I'd been nominated for the Board of American Lung Association® of Arizona/New Mexico, would I accept. I did and that started me off on my American Lung Association® volunteer "career." I have not kept a log of that path, but I've served on many committees and positions, including president, and have taken the one-year out after 3 successive 3-year terms. One of the committees I chaired was the Air Quality Committee, which survived many years even though frequently I was the only member.