Maryann Hiteshew and Ceal Curry

Asthma continues to be a burden to children in Maryland, however Maryann Hiteshew and Ceal Curry have worked with the American Lung Association of Maryland to help educate and support those suffering with this lung disease. The two volunteers have worked hand in hand planning, coordinating, and implementing day and residential camps for more than 20 years.

When you think or say Camp Superkids, Maryann and Ceal automatically come to mind.
Maryann and Ceal supervise over sixty children ages 7 ½ to 13 years old for a week of camp.  They work to ensure that the campers have a fun and safe summer camp experience where quality asthma education is delivered. Each day the campers have two asthma education sessions, taught by Registered Respiratory Therapists. Throughout the week the goal of the Respiratory Therapist Team is to educate campers about their asthma, triggers, breathing techniques, medication, and how to properly administrate medications.

 During camp Maryann and Ceal implement new and creative activities to keep the campers busy and entertained.  Each year their committee comes up with a theme in which the activities are centered. Some of the past themes include: "Asthma Overboard: A Pirate Adventure," "Asthma Hoe-Down," and "Asthma 3 Ring Circus." Activities and decorations are planned around those themes making it a fun and festive time for the campers. This learning environment Maryann and Ceal creates has proven to be conducive to providing fun learning opportunities.

Not only have Maryanne and Ceal volunteered at Camp Superkids, they have encouraged other professionals to join them. In order to have a fun and safe camp experience numerous volunteers are necessary. Each year the goal of Maryann, Ceal and the planning committee is to have a volunteer Respiratory Therapist per group, fully staffed infirmary by volunteer RNs and Physician Assistants, and other non-medical volunteer camp counselors. Each camping session has an average of 35 counselors.

All of the campers, volunteers, and staff at Camp Superkids, join with the American Lung Association of Maryland in appreciation of the hard work that Maryanne and Ceal have done.  They are following the mission of the American Lung Association and helping to tackle the fight against Asthma for children.