Grace Anne Dorney Koppel

Grace Anne Dorney Koppel takes her mission of raising awareness of COPD seriously. Since her diagnosis with the disease—characterized by chronic breathing problems such as emphysema and bronchitis—she has become an outspoken advocate to encourage others in the fight against lung disease. She takes a no-nonsense, no excuses approach to express the immediate need of fighting COPD, and is always willing to share her experiences to raise awareness of the rising problem of COPD.

Ms. Koppel is the national spokesperson for the National Heart Lung and Blood Institute's campaign, "COPD: Learn More, Breathe Better." The American Lung Association is a national partner in the campaign, and Ms. Koppel readily makes herself available for any speaking engagement or other event where she can share her story. She does not let her health slow her down, but instead is committed to letting others know how much the disease hurts lives. 

Ms. Koppel was the closing speaker of the 2009 National Staff Conference of the American Lung Association. Even when addressing an organization deeply committed to improving lung health, Ms. Koppel 's presentation helped remind everyone present just how important lung health is. She speaks to both the victims of lung disease and their caregivers, reminding everyone that lung disease hurts us all. Her vision of improved lung health encompasses the mission of the American Lung Association, and it is an honor to name Grace Anne Dorney Koppel the Volunteer of the Week.