George Burnham

George Burnham is a strong advocate for the American Lung Association mission and is a frequent participant in Fight For Air Climb events. George is just shy of turning 70 and has had asthma for 45 years. What is remarkable is that George is so committed to keeping his asthma under control and maintaining a healthy lifestyle that, among other exercise, George has climbed in 42 climb events in his lifetime. Twenty of those have been with the American Lung Association, with more planned throughout the 2012 year. George plans out his year and travels to as many Climb events as he can. So far with the Lung Association, George has climbed in Anchorage, Austin, Bellevue, Charleston, Denver, Houston, Las Vegas, Los Angeles, New York City, Phoenix, Salt Lake City, San Diego, San Francisco and Seattle.

George is certainly an inspiration to anyone who has had asthma and thinks it is a disease that will/should slow them down. George talks about how poorly managed his asthma was for the first eight years until inhalers were introduced. He couldn’t believe the difference a strong regimen devoted to asthma control made in his life and now he works hard to exercise and manage his asthma. Not only does George participate in Climb events, but he exercises every day and maintains an exercise log of steps taken during walks, miles biked, and steps climbed. His total steps climbed in 2011 equaled 212,739!

George shows that no matter what your age, no matter what health conditions have created road blocks in your life, you can take on new challenges and get involved with the American Lung Association to make a difference in a way that suits you. George thinks the Climbs are fun and never hesitates to pay the registration and fundraise for the Climbs because he is happy to help the Lung Association. This shows that everyone can find their niche and lift up the work of the American Lung Association so we can continue to make a difference!