Fran Nelson

Member, Local Board or Executive Committee

Fran Nelson is Chair of the Arkansas Leadership Council and serves as a board member for the Plains Gulf Region. She works diligently to maintain awareness of national standards and programs and helps educate volunteers on the local level. She is committed to the organization’s mission and to working to increase programs and services in Arkansas. She helped keep the Arkansas Leadership Council together through staffing changes, and served as Chair when the local organization re-opened an office that had been closed for several years.

Fran has been very helpful organizing meetings of the local Leadership Council, visiting with new donors and volunteers, and helping with special events including the inaugural Arkansas Fight for Air Climb. She conducted a personal letter-writing campaign and raised more than $3,000 in less than a month. She inspired our council vice chair to start her own campaign which raised another $1,500 for the climb event.

Fran feels very strongly about providing programs and services to Arkansans. She encouraged the regional staff to hire additional employees in the state that are dedicated to working on programs and mission. She is very passionate about health care, preventive medicine, and a clean environment.

Fran is a retired nurse, married to a retired oncologist. She developed asthma as an adult and has learned to manage the disease. She is very dedicated to the mission of the organization and we thank her for her continued support to the ALA.