Ethan Campbell

Ethan Campbell is not your typical first grader. He knows the importance of lung health because both his aunt and his grandfather died of lung disease and he is determined to do whatever he can to promote healthy lungs. After his Aunt Pammy began suffering from pulmonary arterial hypertension, a disease that causes shortness of breath and dizziness, Ethan decided to collect pennies to raise money for research to prevent and cure lung disease.  

Ethan took his dedication to his elementary school and has become an energetic and effective fundraiser. He likes collecting pennies because all children can contribute and he tries to find creative and fun ways to encourage giving. Ethan helped his school develop "fun" days, where students could pay one penny to participate in events or to vote for their favorite teacher. He then encouraged his school to have a competition between grades to see who could raise the most money in pennies and the winners (4th graders) got to throw a pie at the principal! These events helped raise $1200, which Ethan proudly donated to the American Lung Association.

Ethan is personally relentless in his fundraising efforts. He constantly searches for pennies at home, combing the washer and dryer and looking beneath couch cushions. He asks his older brother and sister to donate their pennies to his campaign and tries to be present at every penny collecting event. He and his family are always willing to talk about how lung disease has affected their lives and their dedication is clear through their personal stories.