Dustin Colson

Dustin Colson has been volunteering for seven years with the American Lung Association of Georgia's overnight pediatric Asthma Camp, Camp Breathe Easy, one of the four largest Asthma Camps in the country. Dustin's involvement with Camp Breathe Easy began when he was a camper. After attending the camp, he went on to become a Leader in Training (LIT) and eventually a counselor. His experience as a former LIT helped him train the LITs about their roles and responsibilities as junior counselors. As a counselor, he was an outstanding mentor, and he was promoted the next year to Unit Leader. Currently, Dustin is the Unit Two Leader, where he is responsible for managing our entire Camp Breathe Easy Unit Two group, consisting of 10-11 year-old campers and their counselors and LITs. He assists in the training of counselors and LITs. Dedicated and dependable volunteers like Dustin are essential to a successful Asthma Camp program.

Dustin is also a member of the Camp Breathe Easy planning committee. He is always adding to the creativity of our program and our annual program schedule. He has been a Planning Committee member for over 4 years and has made significant creative contributions during that time. He drives over 150 miles each way once a month to attend our Planning Committee meetings. He also helps to fundraise for Camp Breathe Easy by helping with the fundraising yard sale and car wash events.

Dustin is also working to raise awareness about asthma and our Asthma Camp program. At a local community's annual Valentine's Day fundraising dance, Dustin recently delivered a keynote speech about the effects of asthma, the purpose of Camp Breathe Easy, and the value of our Camp program and our organization. He delivered the talk extremely well and received rave reviews. He represented both the American Lung Association and Camp Breathe Easy brilliantly!

The mission of the American Lung Association is to prevent lung disease and promote lung health. Dustin helps us work toward that mission by facilitating the development of asthma management skills among children with asthma, resulting in reduced asthma morbidity and better asthma outcomes in children in Georgia and South Carolina