Doug Atkinson

Doug Atkinson, who has served as a Leadership Council Member for four years and is currently North Carolina Chairman, has exhibited superior leadership and commitment during his tenure with the American Lung Association. He has willingly accepted many challenges, including re-energizing the leadership council, networking throughout the community for programming needs, and advocating for health issues with a positive attitude and spirit of teamwork.

Drawing on his ability to pioneer collaborative partnerships in the health and business communities of North Carolina, Doug provides innovative ideas and serves diligently as an ALA advocate who never misses an opportunity to network with community groups and advance the association’s mission in North Carolina. His capacity to process complex issues, as well as his foresight in developing strategy plans, has greatly expanded the Lung Association’s ability to influence legislators, key community members and those of the general public on specific advocacy matters. Doug has a keen sense of understanding and awareness for the delicate nature of advocacy and has exhibited this through his ongoing willingness to respond swiftly to various requests.

On multiple occasions, Doug has been requested to engage with the media on short notice, sometimes with only an hour’s notice. His commitment is evident as he not only jumps at these opportunities, but he also does so with the knowledge that this may require learning new topics at a very fast pace. Within the past six months, Doug has provided testimony to protect prescription drug coverage; received publication of two opinion editorials in prominent newspapers, the Winston-Salem Journal and the Raleigh News & Observer; and was also featured in a radio interview that aired statewide.

Through advocacy and communications work, he has successfully brought community awareness to key tobacco control issues. Specifically, his efforts have increased the state’s awareness of the importance of investing in smoking cessation programs, highlighting the economic and public health benefits that would result from such investment.

In addition, Doug has helped the Lung Association build partnerships with other key players in the community. Through an introduction by Doug, the Lung Association is working with the North Carolina Farm Bureau’s Healthy Living for a Lifetime program to bring important information about lung disease, lung health and smoking cessation to rural communities in the state.

Doug’s dedication and high level of involvement clearly demonstrates the power and benefit that volunteers impart on the American Lung Association family.