Donna Hawk

"Donna Hawk is just the greatest person…" says American Lung Association staff member Judy Deane.  This sentiment is shared by many in the ALA and literally hundreds of COPD patients throughout the Commonwealth of Massachusetts.  Donna serves as a facilitator for the ALA's Better Breathers Club program, which assists COPD patients with education on how best to live a full life despite their lung health issues.  She is noted for creativity in deploying the program.

In addition to her role as facilitator, Donna enjoys spending her time advocating on behalf of the ALA on the health issues of proposed Biomass plants in New England.  She is passionate in addressing a wide range of constituencies on the issue and engaging the people of New England in taking control of their environment to protect their health.

"In her 20 years with the ALA, Donna has never missed an opportunity to volunteer where her capacity made it possible."  It is no surprise that Donna has assumed a leadership role in the ALA, serving as Vice Chair of the ALA in Massachusetts Leadership Board.  She was instrumental in planning the Asthma Educator Institute, which is an opportunity for volunteers to receive training on how to help others with controlling their asthma.  As a leader, Donna also sees the value in fundraising for the mission of the organization, and participates frequently in ALA of New England galas and stair climbs.

Donna has demonstrated excellence, and for this contribution the American Lung Association is glad to honor her as Volunteer of the Week.