Donald Bowsher

Donald Bowsher RN, MSN, FNP-BC, works at St. Mary’s Regional Lung Center in the Lung Nodule Clinic in Huntington, WV. As a volunteer with the American Lung Association in West Virginia, he is a Fight for Air Climb committee member and co-facilitator of a very well attended Better Breathers Club.

Mr. Bowsher worked closely with staff from the American Lung Association in West Virginia to launch the state’s first Fight for Air Climb in April and to make it a huge success. He was instrumental in securing more than 20 volunteers, EMTs and an event sponsor. He also served as captain of the St. Mary’s Medical Center Team in the Fight for Air Climb.

Each day, Mr. Bowsher works with patients dealing with lung cancer, lung nodules, and chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD). Besides the folks he helps by working in health care, he also is working to improve lung health to honor his parents. His father died from COPD and his mother is a smoker. Mr. Bowsher is very passionate about lung health and works hard to launch lung health educational programs, secure support for them, and keep them running.

Mr. Bowsher has been a huge asset to the American Lung Association in West Virginia.