Denise Craig

Denise Craig, whose aunt has lung cancer, heard about the 2nd Annual Fighting For Air at All Extremes event and then got involved, full-force, as a volunteer. This unique skydiving event attracts all types of people, but one thing that everyone seems to have in common is that lung disease has affected them in one way or another. Although each participant had to raise a minimum of $300, in Denise’s case, she wanted to raise as much money as she could. In fact, she raised the most money of any other participant this year - over $2,200 for the American Lung Association.

Because this event is so special, it attracts a lot of attention for the ALA of the Mid-Atlantic. There is a media sponsor, hundreds of new donors each year contribute and people begin signing up five months ahead of time. Participants are willing to go to the extreme in raising money because they want to do something about lung disease.

Denise took this challenge to the next level and set a high goal, asking everyone she knew. She had no fear of asking, used humor in her asks and simply did not take no for an answer. She also reached out to her workplace for a matching gift and used social media to the fullest. As Kelli Burris, Regional Director of ALA of the Mid-Atlantic says, “she has the most assertive form of fundraising I have ever seen – and it worked.”