David Hunt

For over 20 years, David Hunt has led volunteer medical support for the American Lung Association in Massachusetts’ bike trek and other special events. David has been involved as the EMT for the Autumn Escape Bike Trek for 20 years and four years at the Race up Boston Place stair climb. As an emergency medical technician (EMT), David has been a faithful and steady presence on the trek route and has not only provided excellent medical support and leadership, but has become a well known presence throughout the event. In leading the volunteer EMT crews at events, David recruits other volunteer EMT’s to the cause. David’s enthusiasm not only for the event, but for the ALA and our entire mission, is tangible, and he has the innate ability to infuse that same enthusiasm in staff and volunteers alike.

David’s ability to scan the situation at ALANE’s special events for areas of weakness, and make quick judgment calls to reposition human resources creatively have proven invaluable. He leverages volunteer talent by focusing on each individual has allowed ALANE to provide a high degree of customer service. Additionally, Dave’s sense of humor helps maintain a fun environment at events, board meetings and even on conference calls.

He is a strong advocate for clean air in and around his community, supporting ALA’s advocacy initiatives and helping to identify local issues. David knows his state and U.S. representatives very well and is able to position ALA’s issues high on their priority list. He is also well connected with the daily paper in his community and has been successful in garnering media attention for the association’s special events and initiatives. Because David sits on several local and state committees related to emergency medical services, he is able to raise the awareness of ALA’s mission in venues where the organization would not normally be included. David is successful because he feels that he is one person who can make a difference.

He has also been involved with the Boston Gala, serves on the Massachusetts Leadership Board, and is active in ALA’s Lung Action Network as an e-advocate. David also serves on ALA of New England’s Massachusetts Leadership Board.