David Brinckerhoff

David Brinckerhoff is a Certified Financial Planner for Brinckerhoff Financial Group of Raymond James and Associates. In 2007, David signed up for the American Lung Association’s annual Fight for Air Run/Walk and quickly became the top individual fundraiser accounting for almost 15% of all funds raised. David has chaired the American Lung Association’s Run/Walk and now chairs the Orange County Board. He is still the top fundraiser annually for the third year in a row, having personally raised over $10,000 for the American Lung Association. David helped to expand the Run/Walk to include a 5k event, causing this year’s attendance to grow to 704 participants and 90 volunteers, raising over $73,000, the highest total ever.

David has excelled tremendously with fundraising, but more importantly is able to spread the word about the mission of the American Lung Association. He is very adept at using email campaigns and social media to convey information about the association and activities. David has spoken on behalf of the association at numerous community events to tell his story about asthma, how it has changed his life, and why the work of the American Lung Association is so important.

As a teenager, David woke up one morning unable to breathe. As a severe asthmatic, he knew this was a possibility and knew what to do but his inhaler made no difference. Banging on the walls in his room, he woke his parents who were fortunately able to force medicine into his lungs using both the inhaler and mouth to mouth technique. David survived and has dedicated himself to educating others about the dangers of asthma.

David has taken a creative approach in building opportunities for volunteers through the Board Leadership Program. He has helped to recruit new young and enthusiastic volunteers to work on Orange County initiatives. He has been a strong supporter of the Open Airways for Schools program, always offering input through the Board Leadership Program.