Chuck Heinrich

Recipient of the 2007 Will Ross Medal

Chuck Heinrich has been a dedicated volunteer to the American Lung Association and its mission at the local and national level for over 15 years. Chuck is a volunteer with the American Lung Association of Washington, where he serves on the Board of Directors, and is Past Chair of the national American Lung Association. Chuck has been a leader in a time of change for the nationwide organization. Chuck's investment of time, expertise, resources and energy has been enormous. He has served on numerous committees at the national and local level; often as Chair of those committees. When leading discussions about program, communication, marketing, or organizational effectiveness, Chuck maintains a mission focus, with clear and strategic directives.

Chuck's investment in the Lung Association is personal. He lost his best friend to lung cancer. He has committed himself passionately to help the American Lung Association become the strongest organization it can be. He wants the Lung Association to be the lung health experts that the public relies on. He has committed to transforming the organization, so that we utilize strong talent to implement the business plans for success. He continues to promote regional and national branding. Before he is done, we will be able to assure lung health to a greater capacity.

At the local level, Chuck has served as Chair of the Communications Committee of the American Lung Association of Washington, where he grew the committee into the Public Awareness and Marketing Committee and started leading the association toward clear, focused messaging. He outlined ways for the American Lung Association of Washington to improve its marketing strategies, beginning with evaluating the success of the work it does and refining the programs into fewer, more effective, strategic projects. Later, he led the organization to embrace data-driven decision making to produce greater impact and better results. The American Lung Association of Washington now has "dashboard dials" and a growth plan in place that we monitor weekly for success. Chuck has helped the American Lung Association of Washington focus on key indicators of health when running the company.

In his role as Chair of the national American Lung Association, Chuck took on significant responsibility for managing and leading our complex reorganization. He not only led us with direction at the national level, but he rolled up his sleeves and led us regionally. He traveled all over the country during a three year window to help facilitate positive discussion and conversations. All of this was done at the sacrifice of his own personal business. That is how much he cares about the American Lung Association's continued ability to prevent lung disease and promote lung health.

As National Chair, Chuck brought thoughtfulness, insight, and inclusiveness to the organization. While leading the Lung Association, Chuck had the ability to make objectives clear and motivate other volunteers so they could make visions real. He observed styles and strategies and identified ways to bring about results. Chuck's creativity and consensus-building skills helped to make the Lung Association a stronger organization. His steady hand at the helm served to guide the organization and will make the Lung Association more effective in the years to come.