Christine Garvey

Christine Garvey, FNP, MPA, CA-E is always on the front line to provide rapid, accurate, and compassionate answers -- such as school queries regarding asthma, family worries about end of life care, financial coverage for LVRS, and colleague training on successful tobacco cessation intervention. Chris earned her CA-E in the first testing cycle, and quickly offered to be a trainer for other candidates statewide. Her endeavors with the American Lung Association and state Thoracic Society have shown amazing energy, commitment, innovation, and grasp of the best ways to meet our mission.

Concerned about the workforce shortages that affect hiring and thus delay patient access, Chris suggested developing a statewide RT scholarship, then worked diligently behind the scene to obtain funding, obtain association support, and define an efficient announcement mechanism for our 24 RT training programs, 999 public high schools and 222 private high schools, prep schools and academies statewide. When asked what motivates her to be so generous with her time and skills, Chris says, "I find it exciting to volunteer for the American Lung Association and California Thoracic Society, knowing that the organization's leadership, vision and action by its volunteers translates into improved science and clinical care for our patients."