Bryant “Tee” Bell

Bryant Bell currently serves as a Director of Development at Delaware State University. He’s also a member of the Dover Lions Club and the Rotary HUB Club. Bryant likes to spend his time volunteering and helping others, and that includes serving on the ALA of the Mid-Atlantic’s (ALAMA) local Leadership Board (in Delaware) and recently joining the ALAMA Board of Directors.

Bryant was instrumental in the success of this year’s Delaware Fight for Air Walk. As Community Chair, Bryant worked closely with the Development Team and Walk Committee. Through his work as Community Chair, Bryant reached out to others, introduced them to the work of the American Lung Association and engaged them in our Walk. Our focus this year was to reach into Kent County, an area in which we had hoped to grow our presence, and through Bryant’s help, we recruited several new teams and donors.

In 1994, Bryant was diagnosed with pulmonary fibrosis (scarring of the lungs). In 2010, Bryant received a successful double lung transplant at the University of Pennsylvania. Because of his experience with lung disease, Bryant is committed to learn more about prevention, causes, patient options and ongoing research toward potential cures for asthma, COPD and other lung-related diseases.

Bryant’s personal experience with lung disease has led to a very deep passion for our work, which helped make him the perfect choice to become our Community Chairperson. He understands how to cultivate relationships and has spent a lot of time reaching out to others affected by lung disease, as well as recruiting help from many associations within the Delaware corporate and civic communities. Bryant was also the second highest individual fundraiser and captain of the highest fundraising team. His empathy for people with lung health issues and his positive outcome from pulmonary fibrosis have helped establish Bryant as a true champion for lung health.