Bruce Bruckelmeyer

Bruce Bruckelmeyer became involved with the American Lung Association of Illinois after his son Kyle attended the American Lung Association-sponsored camp for asthmatic children, Camp Superkids. Sadly, Kyle died of a sudden asthma attack in 1994, at age 10. Since that day, Bruce has been an active volunteer for the American Lung Association of Illinois and dedicated his life to find a cure for asthma. Bruce has made a commitment to work with the American Lung Association and to assist in our efforts to raise funds to find a cure for asthma through research.

Eight years ago, Bruce stepped forward to help Co-Chair the Lung Association's National Asthma Research Campaign in Illinois, which helped serve as the foundation for the Asthma Clinical Research Center network. Bruce has made personal financial contributions to asthma research and has secured funding from his business colleagues, the local community, and friends to support the work of the American Lung Association Research Program.

Bruce has played a central role in establishing the Asthma Walk program in Illinois. For the past five years, Bruce has been a leader for the local Asthma Walk, serving as both Corporate Team Chair and Family Team Chair. Bruce has engineered ways to get more than 5,000 volunteers involved with the Asthma Walk program in the state. As a corporate leader, Bruce has encouraged his work force to get involved in the American Lung Association mission. His efforts have helped raise more that $1.5 million to find a cure for asthma.

Bruce has put his own face to the story of lung disease and served as a champion of lung health. He has volunteered thousands of hours to make sure the American Lung Association message gets out through all areas of our work. He serves as an ambassador for the American Lung Association by promoting mission activities directed at asthma in the areas of research, advocacy, education, and fundraising. Bruce regularly speaks with groups and individuals about asthma and the impact it has on children and their families. He volunteers for our asthma education programs, support groups, asthma camp programs, advocacy initiatives, and fundraising efforts. He does it all!