Bob Auer

Local Volunteer

Bob Auer has been an inspiration and big supporter of the American Lung Association; he truly believes in selfless giving of oneself.  He has volunteered at events, created and executed third party events, delivered mail to save us postage charges, and promoted the American Lung Association to everyone he meets. He always thinks outside the box and comes up with innovative ideas for creating revenue as well as awareness.

Bob came to us in the spring of 2009 and proposed a three-part concert series to benefit the ALA. Bob undertook the huge task of promoting the event through meeting with city officials to pitch the idea, made calls to local breweries, performing artists, food vendors, and anyone he could think of who might partner to make these events successful. He also tapped into the resources of his local running club to get volunteers, and attendees to help promote the event. Additionally, Bob saw the opportunity to stage the event at a historical site within Wilmington, DE, which in turn helped revitalize the city. He is continually thinking about ways to help and make a difference for our organization.

Bob's efforts and support during events such as our Caesar Rodney Half Marathon, has brought awareness and introduced a lot of new people within the community to the American Lung Association. Each year, Bob organizes a group of his running partners who come to our offices and help with putting packets together for our half-marathon. As our race has grown, this has been an enormous job, and of course, Bob and his volunteers provide an enormous amount of help. On Race Day, they man a two-way water stop, pouring more than 15,000 cups of water, cheering on the runners, and then cleaning up afterwards, regardless of the weather.

Bob is always taking it an extra step. He is always thinking of ways to help and never hesitates to lend a hand. He is kind, committed, and understands the importance of our mission. We are very lucky to have Bob Auer on our team!