Art Cerullo

Throughout his career with American Lung Association of Maine, Art Cerullo has exemplified the spirit of volunteerism. Art began his volunteer career with the Lung Association in 1989 as a fundraising cyclist in the Trek Across Maine. Art has served as a Board member since 1997 and was the first Trekker to become a Board President. He also serves as a Nationwide Assembly Member At Large and has been a key figure in the formation of the ALA of New England. In addition, he was an active participant on the Community Wind Feasibility Study advisory group that provided oversight to the first study of its kind in Maine.

Art supports the strategic plan through his 18 years of fundraising and riding for healthy air as a Trek Across Maine participant. He has led efforts to continually improve this event which stands as the most successful fundraiser in the American Lung Association. His exemplary leadership and legal skills have guided the organization locally and nationally for years. In addition to his fundraising for the Trek and his recruitment of others to the ride, Art has taken on the responsibility to organize the transportation that bring the Trekkers to Sunday River Ski Area for the start of the event.

Art consistently thinks outside of the box in negotiating with American Lung Association of Maine partners and collaborators and seeks synergy in making linkages between local successes and National opportunities. He helps his Lung Association raise a large amount of money and assures the integrity of the organization through his advisory and governance roles. He has donated countless hours of pro-bono work toward the development of state and regional by-laws, leadership board guidelines and technical merger documents. Art serves as an enthusiastic and informed ambassador for the Lung Association at all levels. One of his latest contributions has been to guide the organization seamlessly through the New England Merger process as a partner with other volunteer leaders.

Art has been a mentor to many Board members and has recruited fellow Board members and trekkers to join the ride. He helped to create the Board Trek Team as a means of showing the commitment our volunteer leaders have to the mission and those events necessary to fund our work. The mission of the ALA is Art's passion and he leads other volunteers by his own example of volunteer participation.

No job seems to be too big or too small. Art has been involved to some degree in every aspect of the Lung Association in Maine. He has met with the Attorney General when the initial tobacco settlement was being considered to be sure that it would be good for Maine people. He provided guidance and support for Maine's first study of the feasibility of wind power at the community level and has been an active member of the e-advocacy network.

The American Lung association of Maine is grateful for Art Cerullo and his excellent leadership and volunteer excellence.