Anne Glass

For the past ten years, Anne Glass, R.N., has served as a volunteer for the American Lung Association of Delaware. She has been very active in the Breath of Spring Gala, Sarcoidosis Support Group and numerous advocacy efforts. 

Anne has been instrumental in making the Breath of Spring Gala one of the Association's premiere events, generating revenue to help us meet our mission. Anne has led the organization by example. Not only has she served on the Gala Committee for 10 years, but for the past three she has been Chair. She has also groomed other potential leaders to ensure the event will continue successfully. She has been extremely energetic in working with committee members to develop skills and opportunities needed to increase Gala sponsorships, collect silent auction items and encourage individuals to attend. Her efforts netted a 20% increase in sponsorships and a record number of attendees this past year. She lends her fundraising expertise to anyone who is willing to listen and learn.

In addition to working on fundraising, Anne finds time to take a leadership role in the Association's Sarcoidosis Support Group. Anne serves as a support system for many of the members in the group. She has formed such a strong relationship with the group that she hosts a holiday and summer gathering at her house each year. She provides food, and fun for the members. On many occasions she has offered free food coupons for meetings and is willing to do whatever is needed to make the members feel special.

Anne is also a strong advocate for the Lung Association and the causes we support. She never hesitates to pick up the telephone and call a legislator about an important issue such as asthma, clean indoor and outdoor air, or other lung related issues. She continually thinks of new ways to educate individuals and companies about the Association. She encourages the Association to highlight accomplishments through newsletters, presentations and special touches such as handwritten thank you notes.

Anne became involved in the American Lung Association of Delaware through her husband, Mitchell Glass, M.D. Mitchell also is very active at the Association and the national American Thoracic Society.