Anne Bracket

Anne Brackett is a prime example of what a volunteer can accomplish in a reasonably short amount of time.  Ms. Brackett came to the American Lung Association in California in summer 2009, and since then she has been a sunny and driven member of the California team by advancing the Open Airways for Schools © and Freedom From Smoking © health education programs.  Most volunteers seek certification in only one program, but Ms. Brackett demonstrates her determination to fight for the lung health of her community in as many ways as possible by seeking certification in two programs. 

She is creative and always looking for opportunities to deploy programs in locations and with new groups of people.  In her current work with the Freedom From Smoking © Program, Ms. Brackett targeted pregnant women to great results.  She has already conducted one course of Open Airways from Schools © and is already seeking to become a Trainer for the program, which will not only allow her the ability to teach students how to manage their Asthma, but she will, also, be able to recruit and train new educators into the program.  What an asset!

Ms. Brackett is a dynamic partner with staff.  She is always advancing her knowledge and shares the latest findings in techniques to help people quit smoking and manage asthma.  Since November, Ms. Brackett has taken on the additional role as Chair of the Program Leadership Team in Sacramento. 

Yes, it is true, Ms. Brackett has contributed much to the American Lung Association, but what makes her a great volunteer is her warm and welcoming demeanor.  For all these many reasons the American Lung Association is proud to honor Anne Brackett as Volunteer of the Week.