Andrew Burke

Andy Burke is a long-serving volunteer with the American Lung Association. Currently, he serves on the Rochester, New York Leadership Board; the American Lung Association of the Northeast Board of Directors; the Nationwide Assembly; and the National Field Operations committee. For over a decade Andy has served on the American Lung Association in New York’s Finance Committee, Corporate Compliance and Audit Committee, and the Executive Committee. Since 2006, he has served as a member of the Nationwide Assembly, the Governance Committee, the Field Operations Committee, the Philanthropy Committee, and the Advocacy Committee at the National level.

Andy was instrumental in developing the American Lung Association in New York's first leadership board. He saw a need to strengthen the association’s volunteer leadership and advocated for the first leadership board to be in Rochester, New York. Andy also helped to identify the chair for the leadership board. Andy understood this would serve as the model for future leadership boards in New York and he can be credited with its success.

Andy brings a deep commitment to quality and effective management. He is always seeking to improve the way the association does business so as to maximize the reach and impact of the American Lung Association. It was Andy who suggested that the American Lung Association in New York form a Corporate Compliance and Audit Committee so as to assure donors and sponsors that the organization was in compliance with all laws and regulations.

Andy dedicates most of his time volunteering to help move the American Lung Association's mission forward. Although Andy is heavily involved at higher levels of the organization, he is ever-present at all events and committee meetings. He evens attends local asthma coalition meetings. Andy can be counted on to be a well-versed spokesperson for the American Lung Association, whether talking to legislators, media representatives, or just someone he thinks should know more about the organization. Andy has recruited many sponsors and volunteers to support the American Lung Association and is one of the first people to offer to be present at meetings with prospective donors and partners.

Andy gets along well with everyone, making it very easy for him to be a well-respected member of the Lung Association family. The American Lung Association in New York is very lucky to have such a dedicated and passionate volunteer.