Amy Cover

Amy Cover, RN has been a valuable volunteer for the ALA of the Mid-Atlantic, and an integral member of the Pennyslvania Asthma Partnership (PAP) since 2009. She willingly gives of her time to participate on two of PAP’s workgroups: Asthma Outreach and Education and Public Policy.

Amy has implemented Asthma 101 for school personnel and represented PAP at health fairs. Amy has also volunteered to help with ALA’s Asthma Olympics this spring. Additionally, Amy is traveling to State College with the PAP Program Manager in April to host an exhibit table for the PA School Nurses and Practitioners Annual Meeting.

As soon as a request for volunteers is made, Amy responds quickly and is eager to help out. She takes her own vacation time to help with events held during the week and takes time out of her personal life to assist on the weekends.

Amy also volunteers with the Dauphin County Emergency Management Agency. She provided seasonal flu and swine flu vaccines to schools.

Next to her family, Amy’s job as a nurse is very important. With a specialty in allergy and asthma, and living with asthma herself, she is a natural advocate for patients. Amy knows firsthand the importance of asthma medication compliance, which makes her an excellent asthma education program facilitator.

Amy lost an aunt to asthma at the age of 35, giving her added incentive to work in asthma education. Amy said, “This is a vehicle for me to get information out to those that need it. I also enjoy the education aspect myself. I have become more aware of agencies and referral information through the PA Asthma Partnership. Networking with epidemiologists, PA Department of Health, doctors, pharmaceutical agencies, and the American Lung Association has been great for my personal mission, which is getting information and help to patients that need it.”

Amy believes that family comes first, and she is very involved with her children and grandchildren. She also enjoys ice hockey and Nascar.