Alison Fradenburgh

Alison Fradenburgh is a Licensed Practical Nurse and Certified Asthma Educator in Southern Minnesota. In 2005, Alison and the provider she worked with signed on as the first two members of the South Central Minnesota Asthma Coalition. Since joining the coalition, Alison has done countless Asthma 101 and Tools of the Trade programs educating school nurses, parents, day care and foster care providers about asthma. She also led her clinic’s efforts in the Systems Change Initiative.

Alison’s relationships in South Central Minnesota have been an incredible asset to the Asthma Coalition. Through her relationships with key partners, she has been able to secure demonstration inhalers and spacers for trainings. She has also been successful at recruiting volunteers, raising funds, and securing sponsorships.

The American Lung Association in Minnesota and the Asthma coalition have benefited from Alison’s involvement and hard work.