Michael Fayne

Michael Fayne is a volunteer with the American Lung Association of the Southwest’s Tucson office. Michael is a former taxi driver who was a smoker and developed COPD. He is the recipient of a double lung transplant and he has made it his mission is to give back to the community and try to "pay back" for his gift of life with the transplant. Michael comes in to the local office four days a week and helps out with all sorts of tasks. He files, cleans, waters the plants, puts together education and program materials, or whatever other projects can use his help. He also gives presentations with staff at local schools regarding lung health and how important it is not to smoke and he has appeared on the local news speaking about the risks associated with smoking. He attends Better Breathers Clubs from time to time, where he encourages participants to explore all available treatment options with their doctors.

In Arizona, staff along with Michael attended a summer school event with the Tucson Indian Center and presented information regarding Not-On-Tobacco to children. He described his symptoms prior to his transplant and told the students how important it is take care of their lung health. The participants were very attentive and asked lots of questions. It appeared it made a significant difference.

Michael is committed to making a positive difference in the lives of all those he has a touch point with. He has a great work ethic and is committed to volunteering with the American Lung Association. He is constantly looking for ways in which he can contribute. He rides the local bus to and from his residence that takes an hour each way to come and volunteer.

Michael is a very caring and considerate individual who, even while facing his own medical challenges, still has the capacity to volunteer and try to help the lives of others.