801 Grand Power Planning Committee

The committee members of the 801 Grand Power Planning Committee demonstrate to all American Lung Associations exactly what the efforts of dedicated volunteers working in concert can achieve! 

Due to staff turnover, the 5th Annual 801 Grand Power Climb (a stair climb fundraiser) in Des Moines, IA had been left unmanned. With a previous record of grossing $60,000 with 330 participants, the Committee took on staff responsibilities and set their sights on raising $75,000. With two weeks left to fundraise, the Committee bucked all challenges, nearly doubling the fundraising record, by raising $108,000 with 654 climbers in an area with around 400,000 people. How amazing!

The Committee was not only concerned with the dollars raised to serve Iowa's lung health. They, also, wanted the climbers to be assured of their safety. They enlisted a volunteer building manager from a different building and a county fire chief to advise and participate in climber-safety.

Although the clear focus was on fundraising, the Committee was careful to promote the mission of the American Lung Association of the Upper Midwest in all materials and media related to the event. For their dedication, camaraderie, professionalism and success, the American Lung Association is proud to honor the 801 Grand Power Climb Planning Committee as our Volunteer of the Week.

Committee members not present in picture: John Bergman, Nick Brown, Jane Foreman, Cindy Giddings, Randy Gorres, Mark Yontz, Diane Morris