Michele Seekings, American Lung Association of Southeast

Michele Seekings

Michele Seekings is an asset to the mission and success experienced recently in the American Lung Association of the Southeast’s Coastal, South Carolina area. In just three years the area event gross has gone from $41,000 to a projected $232,000 for fiscal year 2012. She has been active for nearly a decade and has served as the Coastal Board Chair for the last three years. Michele and her husband Michael have been active in every event that has been held in Coastal, SC, for the past four years. She energetically serves on the run/walk committee and has been influential in changing the event from a walk to a run/walk.

Michele hosted and helped plan the Chair’s Celebration at her home in October 2010 to honor Jim Gooden, then American Lung Association National Board Chair. Additionally, Michele has hosted and provided food and décor for the run/walk kickoff events for the past several years. She has also provided and prepared food for Camp Puff ‘n Stuff, sponsored catered meals for Freedom From Smoking® trainings, and catered for event committee meetings.

As someone who suffers from asthma, Michele understands the importance of the Lung Association’s work for the community. She has solicited the help of her husband, who serves on city council, to seek the support of other council members in various municipalities in our area to pass smokefree ordinances. Michele is involved in every program, every advocacy effort, and every event in some way. She would do anything she could to help increase the awareness and mission of the American Lung Association.